Why wear one hat when you can stack many?
Multi-function Modular Stacking System
In many cases final product functional testing is a simple measurement or go/no go decision.
Create custom and unique home automation systems with sensor/control modules that you can build and modify to meet your specifc needs.
The àlamods Advantage
Extensive Module Capabilities

The àlamods ecosystem hosts an extensive set of module functionality for automation type projects.

Currently 25 available products from 14 module types and growing rapidly.

Unique Addressable Stacking
àlamods has the unique ability to stack up to 32 modules of the same or different type on a single host computer. A 4 bit solder bridge jumper set determines the unique of 16 available addresses and the "CE 0/1" jumper selects which "Chip Enable" signal from the host computer will be used.
Auxiliary Power Bus
The additional power bus can be used to provide additional power to modules up the stack. The stack can also be broken by adding a power module providing a new power source for the remaining modules up the stack.
Dual Jumper Options
To provide easy configurability of the module hardware there are several jumper options available to most modules. These jumpers can be quickly made with a soldering iron via the solder bridge pads or a simple two pin header connector.
Software Platform

Customize the stack functionality and create an interactive application UI rapidly using the existing à la mods software framework.

The à la mods framework is based upon Node.js and JavaScript and provides a modular system for application control.